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About Us

Pass The Sauced creates premium small-batch salsas for anyone who wants something extra special. A local Bay Area business, our ingredients are sourced directly from locally-owned family farms, meticulously handmade with zero additives and jarred in glass. From start to finish, we extend the ideals of fairness and equity by keeping-it-local and by producing in a sustainable manner. With salsas and cooking sauces created to please nearly every palate, Pass The Sauced gives you another way to get saucy and share your experience of making community one jar of salsa at a time.

Pass The Sauced, a La Cocina incubator, extends a warm welcome to the La Cocina familia for their invaluable guidance and support. 


Saucy Creds

What They’re Saying on the Street

“Just had one of your salsas from the La Cocina box and it’s amazing.
I would love to order more.”

Jill G. in Oakland


Get Saucy

A Salsa for Every Mood

Farm-picked seasonal ingredients prepared directly out of La Cocina kitchen. Our salsas are made with a blend of roasted chiles, organic tomatoes, fresh ingredients y nada más to make sauces that transform traditional dipping salsas into flavorful marinades and sofrito.


Roasted Fire Mild Salsa

The Perfect Choice

Roasted Fire Mild Salsa is reminiscent of salsas traditionally made in a molcajete. Simple ingredients carefully roasted yield an everyday favorite with just enough of a chile kick. Add to vegetables, grilled meats, braised tofu, poultry or eggs any style!


La Clásica Chipotle Medium Salsa

Served All Day

La Clásica Chipotle Medium Salsa is a rich and deep salsa that doubles as a cooking sauce with the right amount of fire and just a hint of smoke. Add it to one-part broth to enjoy this saucy salsa to braise albóndigas, chicken, pork or veggies.


Little Red Hot Salsa

The Spice of Life

Little Red Hot Salsa is spicy like its name suggests. Made with five chiles and three tomatoes to accentuate heat and depth, it's a perfect topping, dip or added spice. Some like it hot and chile de árbol delivers that pop chiliheads want! Try with Nicaraguan Vigorón


bowl of basil pesto, selective focus.jpg

La Sticky Cooking Sauce

Cooking as Pure Fun

La Sticky Sauce is a tangy and spicy salsa with a hint of sweetness. Chiliheads prefer it for dipping, but organic tamarind and cane sugar make it perfect for cooking. Just add one-part broth and marinate. Want to grill or bake? Add honey or agave for the perfect rub. Drizzle it for a Sticky surprise!


Pasto Sauce

Oh So Healthy

Pasto Sauce is a bright citrusy herb-based special fusion sauce featuring ginger, celery, cilantro, lemon and avocado oil. This sauce has infinite uses. Try it with soups, pizza, beans, pork, poultry, seafood, veggies or even as a base for your salad dressing. 


Nacho Mama's Quezo

Pure Liquid Gold

Nacho Mama’s Quezo is a vegan cheeze sauce made with cashews and a unique chile blend lending a perfect hint of smoky heat we call Chipotle Sidekick. This quezo sauce is the result of a collaborative project between two local Bay Area artisans Born at La Cocina: The Uncreamery and Pass The Sauced.


Saucy Saturday Special Offers

Got Pupusas? Got Tamales? Got Sauced? Try our Saucy Saturday Pairings now through December! Celebrate our Latina traditions and heritage with premium handmade Latino comfort food. Sampler packages and individual sales of Saucy Local Goods available.

Saucy Saturday Pairing Specials

New Saucy Pairing featuring Central American Cuisine by 


  • Pupusas and Salsas

  • Salvadoran Tamales and Salsas 

  • Platano, Yuca Chips and Salsas

 December 5, 12, 19 & 26! Place your weekly order every Thursday by 4pm. Pick-up your order every Saturday from 2:30 pm to 5:00  pm at La Cocina 2948 Folsom Street, SF 94110. 
For a full list of flavors see below.

Get Saucy Pairing Menu:


  • One jar of vegan cheese sauce, Nacho Mama's Quezo, one jar of salsa and a bag of Estrellita's Snacks plantain or yuca chips​

  • Two pupusas, one jar of salsa and a bag of Estrellita's Snacks plantain or yuca chips​


  • Two pupusas, two tamales and one jar of salsa

  • Four tamales and one jar of salsa 


  • Two pupusas, four tamales, one jar of salsa and a bag of Estrellita's Snacks plantain or yuca chips​

  • Six pupusas, one jar of salsa and two bags of Estrellita's Snacks plantain or yuca chips​

  • Six tamales, one jar of salsa and a bag of Estrellita's Snacks plantain or yuca chips​

Flavors to choose from for all orders 

Pupusas: Cheese, Zucchini & Cheese, Bean & Cheese, Mexican Chorizo & Cheese (New Flavor!) 

Tamales: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Vegetarian
Salsas: Roasted Fire, La Clásica Chipotle, Little Red Hot, La Sticky Sauce, Nacho Mama's Quezo & Pasto Herbed Sauce

Saucy Pairings & Holiday Specials

Pupusas & Salvadoran Tamales with Salsa!

Got Saucy Pairings? Got Sauced? Our weekly Saturday Saucy Specials continue to highlight pairings of premium salsas with plantain and yuca chips, pupusas and tamales. Enjoy Central American cuisine featuring handmade comfort food prepared in small-batches by Estrellita's Snacks. Celebrate our rich Latina traditions and heritage now through the holidays. We always appreciate your support of our small-batched, tasty and affordable pairings!

Who Knew Getting Sauced Could Do So Much Good?

Plus Sustainability is Never Boring!

From Nicaragua to San Francisco, my Chicana influenced sauces are a product of growing up Latina in the Bay.  "It's Just Salsa" ¡Pero Mucho Más!"

Pass The Sauced is all about community. We are proud to be part of the keep-it-local food movement. All of our salsas are homegrown - we source, produce and hire locally.  Our goal is simple: to build a more equitable Bay Area with every Saucy bite.

Pass The Sauced is also dedicated to doing our part in protecting the environment. We always jar our Saucy Local Goods in glass and craft our salsas with organic tomatoes and mostly organic or Non-GMO ingredients sourced from Bay Area small farmers via Mandela Produce Distribution out of Oakland.

Who knew getting saucy could do so much? In the words of my mamanina, "Take it easy, take it light; except on the sauce!"


Karla Rosales-Barrios
Owner & Saucier

Meet the Owner

Karla is a native San Franciscan with deep family roots in Nicaragua. She grew up in the Ingleside, a working-class culturally mixed neighborhood miles from SF's traditional Latino barrio, La Mission. Her inclusive worldview was born in the Ingleside.

Karla's appreciation for Mexican culture, its people and traditions grew out of annual stopovers in Mexico City en route to Nicaragua to spend the summer with her abuelitos' on their family farm in Managua. 

These early experiences deepened the value of sharing and connecting with others over food. Pass The Sauced salsas celebrate and reflect those traditional values; Karla invites you to experience, share and cook with her Saucy Local Goods. 

News & Events

Saucy FYI

Read on for a Spicy Tidbit

Local Recognition

The Saveur 100

The SF Food Incubator
Eater - San Francisco

New Sauce!

Nacho Mama's Quezo

New Vegan Cashew Chipotle Sauce Arrived May 2020

Pass The Sauced & La Cocina

A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks and Shout Out to La Cocina


Your well-being is always at the heart of our company’s values and mission. Especially in these times, we continue to promote equity, fairness and healthy communities. From start to finish, Pass The Sauced takes care of you by ensuring our health and safety protocols are sound, sourcing from hard-hit local farms and including contactless delivery and payment.
Let’s Stay Safe and Stay Saucy.

How to Get Saucy


Pass The Sauced offers contactless delivery* in

* Minimum order of 3 jars

Retail - Oakland

Retail - San Francisco *

* Due to COVID-19 industry disruptions, Olive This Olive That is the only distributor carrying all Pass The Sauced products. Nacho Mama's Quezo is also available at Green Taste Vegan Goods in San Francisco. Mandela Grocery Co'Op in Oakland carries Nacho Mama's Quezo.



Wanna Get Saucy? Send us a message for more information on placing your order for salsas, Saucy Pairings, contactless delivery and now interstate shipping!
Hablamos Español.

(415) 244-8188

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