LAS Salsas

Roasted Fire mild

Roasted Fire Mild Salsa
is reminiscent of traditionally roasted salsas prepared by hand in a molcajete. Enjoy with plátano, tortilla or pita chips. Jazz up your grilled meats, tofu, tempeh, poultry, eggs or veggies!


la Clásica Chipotle medIUM salsa

La Clásica Chipotle Medium Salsa       is a rich and deep salsa that doubles as a cooking sauce offering both ease and flexibility. Add just a hint of smoky to your braised albóndigas, chilaquiles, or eat it right out of the jar.


Little Red Hot Salsa

Little Red Hot Salsa
like its name, is spicy and saucy! LRH is made with five chiles and three tomatoes to accentuate heat and depth. Use to top your favorite food or spice up your BBQ, hot chicken wings, a portabella sandwich or Vigorón 


Pasto Sauce

Pasto Sauce

is a bright citrusy herb-based sauce featuing ginger, celery, cilantro, Meyer lemon and avocado oil creating a special fusion salsa with infinite uses! Eat it fresh or add new depth to soups, pizza, beans, grilled food, veggies, seafood or as a salad dressing starter. 

La Sticky
 cooking Sauce

La Sticky Sauce

is a tangy and spicy salsa with a hint of sweetness. Chiliheads prefer it for dipping, but it is perfect for cooking. Just add a bit of broth to the sauce, remove cooked food, add honey or agave and drizzle for a Sticky surprise!


THE ART OF salsa 

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