Saucy Local Goods


Saucy Local Goods now available locally at: 

Junior Bar 

Howden Market

Spice Monkey Restaurant


Pass The Sauced is a homegrown local business creating premium small-batch handcrafted salsas.


Our Saucy Local Goods are handmade with organic tomatoes and NonGMO ingredients locally sourced directly from Bay Area small farms. 

We use various chiles to accentuate heat and flavor that transform a traditional dipping salsa to a saucy marinade. 

Karla Rosales-Barrios

Owner & Saucier

From Nicaragua to San Francisco, my Chicana influenced sauces are a product of growing up Latina in the Bay.

"It's Just Salsa" ¡Pero Mucho Mas!"
 Our salsas are homegrown - we source/produce/hire locally.  Pass The Sauced builds a more equitable Bay Area with every handcrafted small batch jar of

Saucy Local Goods.

Who knew getting saucy could do so much? In the words of my mamanina,

"Take it easy, take it light;

except on the sauce!"

From farmers markets to local restaurants...




Phone: 415.244.8188



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