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About Us

We are passionate about Saucy Local Goods. We bring it. Homegrown. Local. Consistently and thoroughly Saucy. We work hard to keep our footprint light by offering our products in recyclable glass jars, sourcing directly from regional farmers, and producing our Saucy Local Goods in small batches. We embrace quality from start to finish. We believe in reciprocity and we are all about community. Pass The Sauced products are dedicated to bringing you a clean label, we never use additives or preservatives, our salsas and cooking sauces are hand-jarred & hand-labeled.Take it easy, take it light...except on the Sauce!

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What They’re Saying on the Street

OMG soo good I've been putting it on everything!

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Get Saucy

A Salsa for Every Mood

Our salsas and sauces highlight farm-picked seasonal ingredients prepared and packaged at La Cocina incubator kitchen. We blend roasted chiles, organic tomatoes, locally sourced ingredients y nada más! Our sauces are easily transformed from traditional dipping salsas into flavorful marinades, sofrito, and finishing sauces. 


Roasted Fire Mildish Salsa

Everyday Favorite

Roasted Fire Mild Salsa is reminiscent of salsas traditionally made in a molcajete. Simple ingredients carefully roasted yield an everyday favorite with just enough of a chile kick. Add to guacamole, vegetables, grilled meats, nachos, tofu, your favorite dish or eggs any style! Available Year Round


La Clásica Chipotle Medium Salsa

Smoky and Kinda Spicy

La Clásica Chipotle Medium Salsa is a rich and deep salsa that doubles as a cooking sauce with the right amount of fire and just a hint of smoke. Add it to one-part broth to enjoy this saucy salsa to braise albóndigas, sauté chicken, grill pork or roast vegetables.

Available Year Round

¡Smoky Heat!

Little Red Hot Salsa

Some Like It Hot

Little Red Hot Salsa is spicy just like its name. Made with five chiles and three tomatoes to accentuate heat, depth and flavor, it is perfect for topping, dipping or to adding spice to your favorite food. Some like it hot and chile de árbol delivers that pop chiliheads want! 

Available Year Round


bowl of basil pesto, selective focus.jpg

La Sticky
Cooking Sauce

Oooh Spicy Grilling Sauce

La Sticky Sauce is a tangy, slightly sweet spicy salsa. Thick organic tamarind and cane sugar make it perfect for grilling, roasting, or baking. Add one-part sauce to two-parts broth, and marinate. After cooking, drizzle a bit of honey or agave syrup for a Sticky surprise! 

La Sticky Sauce production runs Summer through Winter.

​¡Sweet Sticky Heat!

Dipping Sauce

An All Around Herb Sauce

Pasto Sauce is a bright citrusy plant-based salsa featuring a mix of fresh herbs, vegetables, spices that we blend with Meyer lemon and organic avocado oil. Try Pasto as a condiment, a savory starter base, or add to your charcuterie platter, pizza, beans, or grilled veggies.

Pasto Herbed Sauce production runs Spring through Winter.

¡Herbal Goodness!

Chile Verde Cooking Sauce

Chile Cooking Sauce

Our Chile Verde Cooking Sauce is purposely made vegan for all to enjoy. This rich, fragrant cooking sauce brings medium spice. It is sure to heat you up in the cold months and will spice up any meal from pozole, Tortilla soup, slow roasted vegetables, to a winter meat stew. 

Chile Verde Sauce production runs Fall through Winter.

¡Verde Heat!

Always Saucy

Pass The Sauced is dedicated and passionate about offering our customers salsas and cooking sauces of the highest quality without the use of any preservatives or additives.

Our Saucy Local Goods are made with a blend of roasted chiles, organic tomatoes, sea salt, farm fresh ingredients y nada más!

Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, our product line of Mildish to Hot Salsas and seasonal Cooking Sauces bring plenty of flavor, are easy to cook with, and always bring the party!

Our salsas can be transformed from traditional dipping salsas into flavorful marinades with the least bit of effort by adding a bit of broth to make a Saucy dish. 

Our trio of salsas are available year-round: Roasted Fire Mildish, La Clásica Chipotle, Little Red Hot and we feature one cooking sauce seasonally.
La Sticky Grilling Sauce is always a hit with customers who love the tang of tamarind, a slow burn, tomatillo, and a bit of sweetness from sugar cane. La Sticky works best as a stir-fry or grilling sauce!
Pasto Herbed Sauce production begins in mid-March through Summer.

Follow us to stay in touch and to find our Saucy Local Goods at PopUps, Farmers Market and Saucy events throughout the year.
We always love getting our customers Sauced and will continue our local and national delivery service. Shoot us a message to set up delivery or shipping!

Get Sauced and Support Local Markets and Specialty Stores in San Francisco

*Local Delivery: Salsa for $55! 

  • Salsa Trio (any combo from our line of Saucy Local Goods)

  • Salsa Trio Available Year Round

  • Local Delivery Service Available Year Round

Single Jars of Sauced & Chips 

  • 9oz jar of any Salsa or Sauce $16.00 each

  • 3oz bag of Plantain or Yucca Chips $4 each

  • Local Delivery Service Available Year Round

Roasted Fire Mildish, La Clásica Chipotle, Little Red Hot Available Year-Round
Seasonal Sauces: Pasto Herbed Sauce, La Sticky Grilling Sauce, and Chile Verde Cooking Sauce Currently Available Seasonally

Saucy Local Goods

Wanna Get Sauced in the Bay? Our premium salsas are available at local small businesses in San Francisco: Tahona Mercado in SF's Nob Hill, Junior Bar in the Mission, and by ordering for delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact us to schedule LOCAL DELIVERY or @passthesauced on IG

Who Knew Getting Sauced Could Do So Much Good?

From Nicaragua to San Francisco, my Chicana influenced sauces are a product of growing up Latina in the Bay.  "It's Just Salsa" ¡Pero Mucho Más!"

Pass The Sauced is all about community. We are proud to be part of the keep-it-local food movement. All of our salsas are homegrown - we source, produce and hire locally.  Our goal is simple: to build a more equitable Bay Area with every Saucy bite.


Pass The Sauced is also dedicated to doing our part in protecting the environment. We always jar our Saucy Local Goods in glass and craft our salsas with organic tomatoes and mostly organic or Non-GMO ingredients sourced directly from Bay Area small farmers or via local food distributors. 

Who knew getting saucy could do so much? In the words of my mamanina, "Take it easy, take it light; except on the sauce!"


Meet the Founder

Karla is a native San Franciscan with deep family roots in Nicaragua. She grew up in the Ingleside, a working-class culturally mixed neighborhood miles from San Francisco's traditional Latino barrio, La Mission. Here is where her inclusive worldview was born.

Karla's love and appreciation for Mexican culture, its people and traditions began in childhood as a Latina in San Francisco. Summer vacations spent with her grandparents on their family farm in Nicaragua, always included a stop in Mexico City. Strolls in Garabaldi Square with the sound of Mariachis and the intoxicating scents always led to eating delicious spicy Mexican food. 

These early experiences deepened the value of sharing and connecting with others over food. Pass The Sauced salsas celebrate and reflect those traditional values! Karla invites you to experience, share and cook with her hella Saucy Local Goods.

¡Buen Provecho! 

Take it easy, take it light; except on the sauce!


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Pass The Sauced & La Cocina

A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks and Shout Out to La Cocina


Your well-being is always at the heart of our company’s values and mission. We continue to promote equity, fairness, and healthy communities. From start to finish, Pass The Sauced takes care of you by ensuring our health and safety protocols are sound, sourcing from hard-hit local farms, and include contactless delivery and payment.
Stay Safe and Stay Saucy!



Wanna Get Saucy? Send us a message for more information on placing your order for salsas, Saucy Pairings, contactless delivery and interstate shipping!
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